Christina Birrer is an artist of the land using photography. The work confronts directly the dichotomy of modern life and earth life across millennia. Birrer uses performative gesture and community based research to weave past and present, investigating endemic anomalies whose fragile ecosystems mirror that of concurrent ethnologic systems. Feminism, community activism, and biodynamic practice inform the imagery and concepts embedded in ‘interconnected’- a ​cri de cœur​ and a meditation on natural earth processes.

Birrer’s work is in the collections of the Tate Modern, London as well as the Hepworth Museum, Wakefield England. Recently Birrer has shown work at the Werby (2019) and Gatov (2020) Galleries, Long Beach CA. Collaborative illustrative portraits and archive documentation were used extensively as part of Linder Sterling’s 2020 exhibition “Linderism,” Kettles Yard Museum, Cambridge University. Residencies include cataloguing the Rook Archive, Shoshone Museum 2019.

Birrer received a BFA with a concentration in photography from College of The Arts, California State University Long Beach in 2020. The research and documentation continues in the Mojave Desert, California.